Designing your idea is as easy as using Paint. With Balsamiq, you can start prototyping what you’re envisioning with just a few clicks and no coding necessary. Remember, every product/business needs a blueprint, start bringing your idea to paper now!

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Discover thousands of online courses that have been created to learn various skills including programming, app development, marketing, project management,etc… . Udemy offers some of the best online programming courses that can help you build clones of facebook, instagram or Twitter in just days because after all, you only learn by doing. Check it Out!

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Building a website is easy, simple and fun. With WordPress you can create websites suited to your needs in just a few minutes. Drag and Drop items and build your pages without any programming experience needed. Explore thousands of amazing themes created by Themeforest and use the one that best suits your need.

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Want to create an app for your blog, retail business or a unique idea that you have? Using GoodBarber, it’s as easy as 1,2,3. You can create simple applications of all kinds, with no coding experience by simply a drag & drop mechanism. Start giving better and faster service to your customers by creating a better experience for them.

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Create your own online store both as a website and a mobile app in just a few hours with No Coding Experience! Shopify, the number one trusted e-commerce platform offers a wide variety of themes to suit your online store. Your store is already set up, you just need to import your products and start selling the next hour!

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Explore thousands of ready-built themes and templates designed by professionals in order to suit your business needs. Save time, speed up your process by using elegant and sleek themes provided by themeforest and spend more time on developing your business.

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Starting a business takes a lot of work and you may feel that you need certain skills on your team. Using CoFoundersLab, you may search for a wide variety of skills who are offering their help and expertise. These skills include but are not limited to web developers, logo designers, marketing experts, etc… .

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Sharing files, messaging, video chatting and modifying each other’s work can all be done in one place by using Asana. Get rid of all those long email threads and try Asana. Companies such as Uber, Lyft and Microsoft have use Asana for their project management tasks.

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Hundreds of tools have been created to help automate and optimize your advertising, sales and marketing. Using Digital Marketer, you can manage & automate your social media marketing and advertising entirely from one place. Review your analytics to see what strategies work best.

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While building your product might not require investments, marketing, advertising and expanding it will. is a platform created for investors and startup founders to get in touch and possibly strike a deal. Search through thousands of angel investors and start contacting them today!

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